Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Further proof I'm alive

So while I was horribly ill, I made some headway intermittently on some layouts. Since this nasty bug has plagued me for about 5 weeks, that's a fair treat o' scrapbooking ... and here before you are the results:

We went to the zoo & took very few pictures ... but did strike a pose on the stone lion. I couldn't resist tickling Alexandra while Ken took her picture & tried to get her to smile.

tickles at the zoo

We told my parents how much fun she had at the aquarium with her aunt and uncle ... and suddenly we were back at the aquarium 8 days later, with my parents & Alexandra's cousin.

2nd time in a week

My parents bought her this fascinating board with 6 different kinds of latches. It's meant for 3 year olds. Alexandra has now mastered 4 of the latches. Look out world!


One of the few toys I purchased for her (the others include a Waldorf doll & stacking cups) was this activity table, which kept her very occupied & helped her to practice standing.


Roll Over

It doesn't seem that long ago when sitting up by herself was a huge challenge ...

sitting up!

An older set of pictures, but a page I wanted to make, almost more to record our fascination as parents to see her connect the dots, even at less than a month old!

responding 2 sound

I figured in the future it would be fun to have pictures of just some of the random toys that entertained her early on.

play with toyz

Another fairly early on photo, documenting just how determined she could be when doing the disliked tummy time.

tummy time

And a more recent set of photos from just a few months back, when we had a sudden heat wave right after her birthday!

hot March

I intend to share some pics from the Disney trip last month ... and I want to do more layouts for the November trip, too. So many things to do, so little time. At least I can happily say that for every photo that sits collecting dust, Alexandra and I are having wonderful adventures!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Be with you shortly...

 We'll be with you shortly. Right after our last post, we had about 10 days during which pink eye, ear infections, strep throat, "common cold", and upper respiratory infections swept through the family. We were all still sick when we left for our planned vacation to Walt Disney World. I will be sharing some of the pictures from the mellow vacation some time soon ... but after the trip, we came back to post-vacation backlog (personal and professional), and now that we've almost caught up on that, it's time to throw some massive parties for my MIL's 70th birthday. So ... we're all awfully tired, but feeling much better (although I am STILL mildly congested & have a little cough & can't hear properly out of either ear!). So ... look for more posts from us in mid-June, once things have settled down a tetch!