Sunday, February 24, 2013

Journal Your Christmas, December 24th - January 1st

Okay, it's almost March, so maybe I should finally post pictures of the rest of the Journal Your Christmas pages that I actually did complete during the Christmas season. *smile* Little girl (well, and my job & other things) keeps me busy. I am woefully behind on scrapbooking in general, but at least I finally got photos printed so I can be confident of where I left off! Here are the pages from JYC 2012!

jyc 12242012 photo 12242012_zpsea521278.jpg

jyc 12252012 photo 12252012_zpsd89787ed.jpg

jyc 12262012 photo 12262012_zps9df20d07.jpg

jyc 12272012 photo 12272012_zpsdc1a4df1.jpg

jyc 12282012 photo 12282012_zpscd52ada2.jpg

jyc 12292012 photo 12292012_zpsde1efebc.jpg

jyc 12302012 photo 12302012_zpsa26cc78f.jpg

jyc 12312012 photo 12312012_zps333c649d.jpg

jyc 01012013 photo 12322012_zps575e84fd.jpg

jyc 2012 complete photo 12332012_zpsa25f50a6.jpg

Ta da!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

good thing I set that up to post ...

... the post below I set up a long time ago to get published today & I am glad I did - because otherwise it probably would've plum slipped my mind. I did, however, remember to get pictures today of our little valentine. Most of the shots are blurry, because she's enjoying racing around a lot, but here's the best of the lot!

our little valentine photo littlelady_zps72c2340a.jpg

Isn't she sweet? She borrowed a necklace from Mommy to complete the ensemble.

Our Valentine

I am actually composing this in September 2012 ... and setting it up to post on February 14th, 2013. I think it will be an interesting reminder to see how much she's changed in a year. When these photos were taken, she was crawling a lot, but had not really mastered standing - that happened about 4 weeks later. And walking didn't happen until the middle of May 2012. Now, in September, she's running a few steps & has a vocabulary of about 60 signed words and 7 spoken ones.

our valentine

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow angels

I love snow. Really really love it. Last year, Alexandra wasn't even crawling during the winter, so while we got some cute pictures of her sitting the snow, and patting at it, or watching snow fall, it wasn't the most interactive experience. So, this year I made sure we were ready. Armed with several full sets of snow gear, we were a laughingstock, with no measureable snowfall ... until this weekend.

We made the most of it by trekking to the local arboretum & crawling over branches and fallen trees ....
 photo 105_zpsbdc347f6.jpg

...and we made snow angels in our front yard.
 photo 167_zpse24361f1.jpg

We came inside for hot cocoa, which Alexandra wasn't too sure of, and marshmallows, which she absolutely adored. Supposedly we'll get more snow tonight ... and by Thursday, it may all melt away under rainshowers, so we'd best get in as much snow play as we can!