Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am ridiculously happy

The past month has been very trying for me.

I've been ill & sustained a couple of minor injuries that have kept me from resuming my regular workout schedule after our vacation back in May.

I've had a number of issues dropped in my lap that really couldn't be tabled or delegated.

The net result is that I've been running on fumes, and really struggling, internally. One of my close friends (close as in I can tell her pretty much anything ... and close as in she lives next door!) knows about this, and even though she's going through some major changes in her work life, she's been just awesome in supporting me.

So, tonight, she's been awesome. We're attending a friend's wedding tomorrow. I'm responsible for the guestbook, and my sweetie is scheduled to work later than we had hoped. Well, she's taking the stress out of the equation, because she's going early to help decorate & will just schlep the guestbook along with her. Stress begone! AND, one long convoluted conversation later, she handed me four iced sugar cookies (sequestered in her freezer) from a cookie bouquet she'd received weeks ago. I loved the one she gave me from it when she first got it ... but it turned out that she (and her husband) didn't care much for them. Less stress ... and sweet sugary goodness to put in my own freezer for treats in the months to come.

Barbara rocks.


kaj said...

You're lucky. I have a crotchety old lady with a yappy dog next door.

kaj said...
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Chiara said...

I agree with Kaj. it is awesome to have nice neighbors. I don't talk to mine. Glad you are seeing the light.

Anne said...

Hi, Latharia! You're so lucky to have a super good friend like Barbara! It's nice to have a good friend when you need one! :-)

Mel said...

Ohhhhh....what a great neighbour! Support through sugar cookies. *nodding* I'm thinkin' I like that concept and might haffta execute it.
Or--in my case, support through the neighbours stolen sugar peas. LOLOL

Breathe a bit--I do hope life slows down for you and you get to feeling better.

Diane said...

I have a neighbor who brings food over now and then when she has too much and I love her dearly for it - she's no good to talk to, though! So you have the best of both worlds!


jacquie said...

Ditto to what Diane said. These are the special things to be thankful for. Although, I'll bet you're a great friend to her as well :) Have a better month!