Monday, December 21, 2009

The frenzy is over!

Since we returned from vacation, we've had 2 goals: clean up after the sump pump pipe burst & get everything in readiness for our 8th Annual Cookie Day. Well, we met both goals, and we think the party was a hit. People keep coming back, so it must be a good thing, right? We tried 9 all new recipes this year & we wound up with so many cookies from all of the participants that we had to expand to the extra table downstairs ... and the side table, too. At the end, once everyone had left, we corralled all of the leftovers & this is what we had:

Cookie Day Leftovers

Yes, those are the LEFTOVERS. We're well practiced, now, at distributing them, so we sent some down to my brother's family, packed a huge bin (more like a small trunk!) for the homeless shelter, and Ken packed up a box full to take to his co-workers to put them all in the holiday spirit. The remainder (3 tins' worth) will be distributed later today, to some people who make our lives a little bit nicer, who weren't able to attend this year.

Now, we can just sit back & relax. Well, except for wrapping a few gifts for Ken's side of the family. We'll be celebrating with them on the 27th, so no rush! We're very happy.


Anne said...

Hi, Latharia! A cookie exchange sounds like so much fun! And yummy too! Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season filled with warmth and laughter and a prosperous New Year! :-)

Janelle said...

Wow, that's a mouth-watering view! Glad you were able to spread the cookie love around to a lot of people!

Mel said...

It's always a beautiful spread....and a yummy looking one. Job well done!

And Happy Holiday to you and yours, ma'am.

Lorell said...

Yum...those look so good! I'm glad the party was success.

Chiara said...

looks wonderful. I want to come to your cookie party.