Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun with our nephew & niece!

We had our niece and nephew stay with us over the weekend & we had lots of fun with them! It was raining until about an hour before they arrived & then the sun came out, so we we were able to go to the Morton Arboretum!

They loved the Children's Garden & played happily together for almost 2 hours.

We went to an early dinner at Qdoba, then went to see How To Train Your Dragon, which the kids thought was wildly amusing, and so did we! Easter morning arrived with a loud thump, which I heard at 6:40 am & raced to investigate. Against our specific request, the kids had NOT woken us up when they got up, but had gone downstairs ... and our niece had fallen DOWN the stairs! Some reassuring words later (& some thorough injury checking), they found some Easter baskets & started hunting down Easter eggs. My sweetie cooked breakfast for us & the kids thought it was great!

He went back to sleep while the kids played with the cats & the xBox, and we watched WallE & did some papercrafting & made up some sugar cookie dough. We divided up jobs for lunch & their parents arrived early, so we all went to the park to play, then came back to decorate sugar cookies!

With 4 different colors of frosting and a bazillion sprinkles, who wouldn't have fun? We loaded up cars to head out for dinner at one of our favorite spots ... and while we had dinner, the rain started again in earnest. So, we got to have loads of fun with them during the sunniest part of the weekend! I was also nursing a nasty cold throughout the whole time (I still am!), so feel like I got a half-way decent experience of being a parent, at least for a 24 hour time period. Loved it. Now, we just gotta wait for an adoption to come through!!!!


Dalovely Damanda said...

Looks like you had lots of fun with them! :)

theelfqueen said...

This looks like LOADS of fun! I adore the Arboretum shot (and love Arboretums and Botanical Gardens)... and ADORE SPRINKLES!!!

Mel said...

Oh wow......can I come for the weekend? I'd like to decorate cookies and hunt down eggs too, please!

What a lovely way to spend the weekend, even with a cold.

(feel better soon!)

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