Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am calm. Look at how Zen I am.

Car probably broken beyond repair. Okay. I can adjust.

On Demand doesn't work for my morning workout with a friend. That's okay. I'm just happy that we'd already planned it was at my house so I didn't have to do backflips to figure something out.

I've got some old VHS tapes with workouts on them.

Except now, the VHS machine doesn't work. Yeah. Okay. We'll go for a walk. Yup. That works.

I get home & realize that somehow, a candle was apparently in the sunlight of our bay window during a really sunny day. And black wax has dripped all over the teak table.

I'm just waiting for one of the cats to throw up.


Janelle said...

Argh! Now that is a frustrating day! I hope things are looking up. At least your house didn't burn down, right? ;-)

theelfqueen said...

I hate those days.

It's time for wine for dinner.
ummm with dinner... yeah, I might have meant 'with'...

Mel said...


ONLY cuz I soooooo relate.
'Cept I don't have cats.
Or a candle that melted onto my teak table.
Heck--I don't even HAVE a teak table.

But I wore my cuppa coffee this morning.
And I managed to wear a dryer sheet most of the day before something thought enough to inform me.
AND there this recurrent issue with the plumbing--something about a tree needing to be cut down makes me wanna deny that reality and pour more coffee on myself. *laughing*

Can I just deal with the teak table/wax mahem? Please.