Sunday, May 15, 2011

Starting those hobbies early

Never too young to start developing hobbies, right? We started her off at about one week with gaming:

And last week we progressed to scrapbooking:

Alexandra picked out the ribbon & tasted it to make sure it was good.

I could get used to this. But I don't think it'll last long. Once she's mobile, we'll have to get her a treadmill or something, let her do some cardio training. *wink*


Mel said...

*laughing* Definitely a scrapbookin' baby! At least that one she stayed awake for! LOLOL

Too cute.

scrapperjen said...

Too funny! I love the ribbon she picked out - perfect.

theelfqueen said...

Babies and Pandemic - sounds perfect to me!

Suzanne said...

Loving the photographs! :)

Anne said...

Hi there! Terrific post! Love that you're introducing her to gaming and scrapbooking early! Great story! :-)