Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

My honey's first Father's Day was quite laid-back, which is just how he wanted it. We went out to brunch at our fave breakfast place, along with my mom & dad who were in town. The rest of the day we just kind of meandered & chilled & did random stuff that we liked. Oh, and Alexandra took a 3 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon, which allowed Daddy to play computer games totally guilt-free! Usually her naps are more like 45 minutes long, so this was her own little gift to Daddy.

We talked over dinner tonight about how it feels to be parents. It's just awesome. We joke about how we're chopped liver compared to her. She just elicits so much positive attention from everyone who sees her. We truly are fortunate to have the opportunity to be parents. Know how people say that mothers forget about the pain of labor & it allows them to want to do it all over again? I think there's something to that, even with the 2 year "paper pregnancy" of the adoption process, 'cause I told him I wanted to consider adopting a 2nd child. He just can't even wrap his brain around the idea at this point, so we'll table it for now. Alexandra is just so amazing, the idea of more kids seems rampantly appealing, at least as an idea.

Both of us are keenly aware that Alexandra is not a typical baby. She eats easily - sucks down 5-7 oz with no breaks, just some back pats and jostles at the end. She hardly ever has gas. She poops once a day. She seems to time her eating & sleeping to coincide with things like eating just before we have to leave the house, sleeping when we get to a restaurant. She sleeps 9 hours at a stretch now ... sometimes she'll even go as long as 10 1/2 hours! She smiles so much, it's ridiculous. Her version of a total meltdown is what I've experience with most babies to be "moderate fussiness." No cradle cap. No eczema*. She travels well. She loves to swim & to bathe. Been eating the same formula she started with on day 1. I mean, honestly? I didn't know babies could do this stuff. We have people say, "Well, enjoy it while you can ... something's bound to trip you up." Yeah, sure. But we are really really enjoying it now.

And my honey's not only enjoying it, he's doing a fabulous job. His anxiety is surfacing with lots of over-zealousness & some over-protection, but I think he's learning to tone it down & trust others to take care of her with a little more grace & calmness. Way to go, new dad!

*at least so far ... we know it could pop up still.


Kat said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. :) Was already worried Blogger had some problems as none of my friends had commented since end of May.

Glad to hear you three had a fabulous first Father's Day, Alexandra really sounds like the perfect child, I can only hope my two will be just a bit like her. :)

theelfqueen said...

HOW WONDERFUL!!! Happy Father's Day to Mr.Latharia!

scrapperjen said...

Happy Father's Day belatedly to Ken. Glad it was a nice day!
Isn't being a parent wonderful? (Remember I said this & you agreed when she's a teenager...)

Mel said...

Belated wishes and congratulations to himself--and to you (we all have our turns at being the 'dad' with or without a dad present, yaknow?)

And let's remember that she will hit adolescence. *laughing*
May your times be so easy then! ;-)

Oh, she is just cuter than cute and clearly he's prouder than proud!