Saturday, October 29, 2011

Growth spurt!

When we left for Disney World, she still fit into some 6 month sized clothes. Four days later, when we returned home, I had to move all of the 6 month sizes out & get her into 6-9 month sizes. In less than 10 days, she's outgrown those & now is in a 9 month sleeper. Dang, girl. We're feeding her the same stuff we always have ... but she's getting quite roly-poly.

Here's a time-lapse from every 8 weeks of her life:


Beautiful girl!


theelfqueen said...

Oh she's GROWING SO BIG!!!

Mel said...

Ohmygosh she's a speed grower! Look at what doesn't fit in the crook of his elbow any more.

*sigh* So fast....geeze......

scrapperjen said...

WOW! It is amazing how fast they grown when you look at it like that. I like the perspective of her in Ken's arms too. :)
She is a dolly!