Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

So, we just got back from watching The Odd Life of Timothy Green. I am glad I put tissues in my purse. We both needed them.

The film captured so many moments that we experienced as hopeful parents - the realization we were not going to have biological offspring - the ache upon seeing a happy child with a parent and wondering if that would ever be us - the opening of our hearts to wishing & knowing it would cause pain but we had to do it anyway, and the hoping-against-hope that this child was really and truly ours.

We cried at the beginning ... and we reached out for each other to hold hands and squeeze tight when there were moments we knew all too well. We sobbed at the end, feeling an echo of the broken heart ... and then cried again when the story came to its completion.

On the drive home, I confided that I really do very much want a 2nd child. For so many reasons, but the one so well demonstrated in the film - because I have enough love to share. We have enough of many things a child needs to grow into a fantastic being. I don't know how we can make it happen, but I'll keep holding the idea in my heart.

I read a quote somewhere that said something like, "If you dream of something every day, don't give up." One of the qualities Joe and Cindy wanted for Timothy was for him to never give up ... and in the end, that's what he taught them. So, I will wait and be poised for a 2nd dream to come true.


scrapperjen said...

Thanks for making me cry.... This is a beautiful post! I think of the three of you often and am so thankful you have your beautiful daughter! I will pray that there will be another wonderful miracle for you.

Hugs and prayers!

Mel said...

Oh gosh.......I don't think I could watch the movie, though you've made it sound well worth the tissues.

I know you've enough love for two--or six! It radiates from you and spills out in every photo of you and the wee one.
She's are you and the hubby--and all those folks who love you.

You know how the Big Guy works......purposefully and in His own time.
Just when you thought it was never going to materialize in your life--*poof*
Hang on to faith .... I know you and he know how to do that very well.