Sunday, December 8, 2013

Visiting with Santa 3 years in a row
This time of year, we are busy working on so many things: handmade ornaments for Alexandra to give to loved ones, baking cookies for Cookie Day, obtaining & decorating a tree, wrapping gifts, and sending out holiday cards.

This year, Alexandra is eager to participate & is full of questions. We are happy to have such a willing participant in the holiday festivities, even if she is only 2 1/2 and sometimes makes things five times more complicated than if she were not involved. A garland for the tree became a near disaster as she raced off with one end of it and ran around the coffee table. Really, who could blame her -- it's sparkly and has snowflakes along the length of it. Her enthusiasm and exuberance is contagious.

Right now, our tree has lights and garlands on it, and we're taking a break so she (and Daddy's back) can have some rest time. In another hour or so, we'll start putting ornaments on the tree. We'll find out how well she can handle the fragile ones. For the most part, she is very gentle with things we warn her might break, but I am prepared for some breakage nonethless.

It is snowing outside, gently, and it'd be nice to have some popcorn & some hot cocoa after we finish decorating, so maybe we'll do just that. I am going to scan some of my pages from Journal Your Christmas, and then enjoy some peace and quiet of the season.

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Mel said...

We had the help of a very careful 4 year old. Of course the ornaments were Bug height and she was satisfied. Grandad....was elated and added TO so balance was achieved to some degree. Yes, it triples the time...and yes it triples the joy! With a pigtailed wonder like yours...oh my..quadruple the joy!!!