Thursday, November 30, 2006

Supplies assembled and ready to go!

Well, I've rooted through my supplies and come up with a bunch of items to use for my album. I have some really bright stickers from Pebbles Inc and Doodlebug, but they don't go with the more mellow color scheme that seems to be evolving for my book.

I am getting excited about getting my first "prompt" for page #1 tomorrow ... and for the snow we are supposed to be getting overnight. Maybe as much as a FOOT of snow in 12 hours! WOW! I love snow!


jacquie said... all those goodies!! Hey, maybe the snow will *force* you to hang at home and oh...maybe scrap a little christmas???

Kristy said...

Way to go on using your supplies :-)

BTW, thanks for the post on my blog!

debra harvey said...

love the colours.. so envious of all that snow it was 30 degrees in sydney yesterday...can't wait to see your pages :)