Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tap tap tap. Slurp. Purr. Clickety click. ... Sss Sss.

I sit in a burgundy wicker arm chair, its traditional position reversed, so I can look outside. The living room lights are off, but I have switched on our porch light and exterior garage lights. One of my cats, Serendipity, sits contentedly on my lap and purrs. Tiny bits of sleet and ice tap on the large bay window. I slurp my hot cocoa, marshmallows floating on top stick to my lips. I lick off the marshmallow goo and look outside eager to catch the first glimpse of snow. I drum my fingers on the wicker arm, disrupting Serendipity's purr, making a clicking noise. It is quiet outside. No sleet or ice is falling. Serendipity jumps onto her perch at the window to look out into the darkness. There! Do you hear it? Listen carefully. The snow susurrates against the windowpane as it slowly falls from the heavens to the earth below. Ah ... winter is truly here.

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