Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just gorgeous!

Our front flower bed is resplendent with dark purple hyacinths, a dozen daffodils, and this one lone yellow tulip. The scillia are starting to die off ... but the allia are starting to show ... and the irises may have survived the transportation last fall. It should turn out to be an interesting display as the weeks wear on. The days are warmer & new things show up every day ... like the carpet of vinca I didn't even realize started blooming -- must have been yesterday, because 2 days ago there weren't even signs of flowers yet! It's amazing! I'm also loving the fact that people are out and about, walking around, hanging out with each other ... such a wonderful time for rejuvenation! It's also a perfect time to join us with making your own 101 tasks in 1001 days challenge list! Let us know if you want to play along!!!


scrapperjen said...

Gorgeous photo! Our flowers are going like crazy too and I'm SO happy about it! :)

Happy Spring!

Mel said...


We're getting our turn at the colours of spring (finally).

Oh, how I've missed the colours!

Chiara said...

my goal this week is to clean out my front flower bed

katydiddy said...

Love the flower photos. I'm off to check out your challenge blog-sounds interesting.

jeanie said...

This is simply beautiful. I think Illinois must be a week or two ahead of Michigan!