Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Drizzly, dreary rain

Well, it's drizzly & dreary outside, with little peek of sunshine, but I am expecting tomorrow to be fantastic. I say this because outside the window, in the rain, I can see our crabapple exploding into color ... our allia reaching to the skies ... and the peonies about ready to split out of their round heads. I am crossing my fingers we make it to the Arboretum tomorrow, amidst our many errands to run. April showers bring May flowers ... the showers are just a bit later than usual this year, so the flowers are too. I can hardly wait for the lilacs to have their 2 weeks of glory. Lilacs are my favorite flower & favorite scent!


kimz said...

Our lilacs are blooming! :D Wanna come over and sniff 'em? Do you guys have any? I never noticed.

Mel said...


I'm all excited cuz the lilly of the valley are peaking out at me.

NOW I'll inspect for lilacs.
*happy sigh*

Susie Q said...

OH how I love lilacs...I wait for them all year and revel in their arrival!
Have fun with your sweet blossoms!!

IT has been rainy here for 2 days too!