Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photo A Day 03

All I can ask is: when was the last time you were allowed inside the cockpit of a DC-9 commercial aircraft?! The cockpit was open when we boarded our flight to Minneapolis, and I commented to my sweetie that I really wish I could take a photo, but I didn't want to freak out the flight crew. They're so touchy these days, what with heightened security and all. When we deplaned, though, I had my point-and-shoot camera ready & dared to ask if I could take a photo. The co-pilot said, "Sure." Then, he said, "Hey, why don't you get in the picture. Just climb on in." So I did! Just too too awesome, if you ask me. I feel like putting on my old Ozark, metal pilot's wings.


Dalovely Damanda said...

WOW! That's totally cool! Great photo and you look SO elated!

kaj said...

Wow! Captain Susanne!