Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adoption update ... time to get really creative!

Okay, so here's the latest on the adoption process ... and it's not so good.

We met with our adoption worker for our twice-yearly inspection & she had some numbers from the last fiscal year at the agency. The numbers, they are not good. Very few adoptions have been completed solely through the program. So ... after 18 months of being licensed & having our profile active, we've got nothing. And we're being encouraged to consider other options. Only one problem (aside from wrenching heartache & PITA paperwork) ... money.

We'd come up with a solution to fund an adoption with our local agency, and the money is set aside in an account or is standing by to be liquidated at-will. Now that we're looking at national agencies, we're learning that we are seriously short on what's needed to pursue an adoption that's (a) through a legit, trustworthy agency and (b) actually likely to result in placement of a child to us before we turn 42 the middle of next year. How much are we short by? Well, at a minimum, we need to scrape together $12k. Yes, you read that right ... $12,000.

We also had a friend offer to be a surrogate for us. How mind-blowingly awesome is THAT?! We've not done a ton of research on the subject, but at first glance, the cost range for medical care for the 3 of us, plus living expenses & an emergency/contingency fund is right around the top end of the national adoption range. So, that certainly is another option, but it's still beyond what we can do, financially, right now.

We've already looked at taking out various loans & lines of credit & what not. It's just not a good idea, what with our having just financed a new vehicle 4 months ago. And with needing to pay for some slightly-emergency (certainly freakin' unplanned & unexpected) dental work to the tune of $7,500. So, I'm getting creative.

I can get another $5,000 if I liquidate everything I've got on account at Edward Jones. It's supposed to be my retirement money, but it's not in an IRA, so at least we won't take a tax hit that way. I hear from my dad that taxes capital gains are likely to go up in 2011. As in almost-double what they are now. So, I may just cash in everything, although it kills me.

That leaves $7,000.

I think we'll be able to "rent" our points in our Disney Vacation Club timeshare to my brother & his family for about $1,200.

That puts the balance we need at about $5,800. I'm planning on applying to several places for some grants. I'm also putting a lot of books up for sale on half.com. I just had the idea of putting my hoarded rubber stamps up for sale on eBay. I read an article from an adoptive mom about how she financed their adoption process, and she said, "I sold everything that meant less to me than having a baby." Wow. Powerful.

So, I'm in the process of going through a lot of my stuff. And finding grants. And asking for help. If you know of any grants or loans or other avenues you think we should be pursuing, tell us!


Suzanne said...

(((hugs))) Suzanne. We found the process so heart-wrenching, but ironically you don't fund adoptions over here, otherwise it would never have happened :( Post here when you decide to sell some stamps, I know it's one little way I could help. Love to you both xx

Heather said...

I wish I could do more for you and Ken than just praying...but it's all I got. Love you.

kaj said...

How creative. That friend is right. You will do whatever it takes. Still praying, too, and keeping my ears open for any other options.

Chiara said...

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}} thinking of you both. Praying you get your miracle

Jill Oriente said...

Wow... My thoughts are with you. I'll keep an ear open for anything that might help.

Anonymous said...

No pains, no gains.......................................................................

Mel said...

Yaknow, I'll check in with my adoptions folks and see what kind of grants/funding is available to would be adoptions folks. Maybe there's something that applies in your state that you could access?

Worth the asking!

Dalovely Damanda said...

Wow, Susanne...I'm so sorry that you and Ken have to come up with that much money...that's just crazy. I wish I had the money to give you.