Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I swear

So, after the raffle, we did a little weekend getaway. We didn't know if we were going to be able to pull it off, but with cheap airfares & a freebie ticket, and us being super-frugal with our food, we did 4 days at Walt Disney World!!


We've gotten pretty good at cutting corners & finding deals, and watching our pennies, so I was very pleased we were able to do a weekend for a couple hundred bucks, including the delicious "Mickey Premium Bar" you see above.

The only downside to the trip was that my honey dropped our digital SLR camera (yeah, the nice one you can see in the header on my blog) on the concrete. The LCD screen was toast & we couldn't tell if it was taking pictures or not. We pulled all the pictures off the camera card when we got home & found out that it was taking fine pictures.


Okay, so that one has a bit of blur ... but the tiger was moving. Note: tigers are BIG animals.

Anyway, when we got back, we hit the ground running. Suddenly, my days were completely full, both with work & with more sales from the half.com, amazon.com, craigslist, and eBay sites. Very good from a revenue perspective ... but I was really getting worn thin.

This past weekend I ran errands, did some holiday shopping (normally I'm mostly done by now, but the past 2 months I've been so focused on the adoption related stuff, I've only squared away TWO gifts, of about 24 needed!!), and met up with several friends I'd not seen in a while.

Well, yesterday I woke up congested & thought I'd shake it. Nope. I'm down for the count. I took a sick day today & I'm just focusing on staying warm, drinking tea, and trying to send myself healing vibes. Since it's healing for me to connect with others & to feel "caught up," I feel justified in posting here. *grin*


scrapperjen said...

Oh I am so jealous! Glad you had some downtime. Hope you're feeling better soon!

John Peebles said...

WOW! Ken has a face under his removed go-tea.

Mel said...

Oh drat on the camera.....that sucks. But the outting and the ice cream--AWESOME!

I do hope you feel better.
And I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with warmth and abundance.