Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am convinced that January is out to get me.


We're scheduled to have a blizzard on February 1st. This will be a vast improvement on January 2011.


Mel said...

We're scheduled to get a taste of the blizzard tomorrow quickly followed up by the blizzard itself. A mere 10-20" they're saying.
Yes--I'd rather that than a broken mirror.
No, I am not superstitious...much.....

I'll send positive thoughts. Certainly can't hurt, eh?

Mel said...

Oh--and I have banned Weather Channel watching in this house.

I've decided the blizzard isn't really gonna happen and it's a ploy by the grocerie stores to boost sales from panicked people who believe they'll starve if they don't shop prior to a snowflake falling!

Uh will stock up on 'stuff' tomorrow. LOL

Janelle said...

Argh, not the mirror! I too will be glad to see the backside of Januray. I hope the blizzard talk is all just know how those weathermen exaggerate! Each storm keeps blowing off to the north of us, and I can't say I'm sorry about that. Here's hoping it won't be too bad!