Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good people in this world

Today, Alexandra and I set out for some adventures & we had one all right! We were en route to meet up with a friend for lunch & ... oops! I ran out of gas. I was a mere block and a half from our destination, and I couldn't push the car AND steer it, or I would've*!

A good samaritan named Edward stopped to help & I called my friend to help out. Edward took out a flare & an orange reflective triangle & parked behind me so I wouldn't get rear-ended. My friend Carrie took Edward's gas can (mine was at home ... I removed my crate o' emergency gear to make room for the giant stroller!!) and got gas.

I chatted with Edward & he said he'd just lost his job last week, so he was just heading home after networking & was going to look up jobs on the internet, so he wasn't pressed for time. He told me his wife often teases him for having emergency gear in his trunk ... I told him that I was glad HE had some because although I usually do, today I didn't! I also told him to tell his wife, "There was this woman with a 4 month old baby who ran out of gas & I had to help!" Hero points, for sure, don't you think?

Carrie was able to retrieve a gallon of gas for me & we started our lunch about 20 minutes late, but had lunch nonetheless. I thanked her profusely & offered to pay for the gas, but she waved me off & said she was happy to help.

I'm almost always the one who is ridiculously prepared, so it's not often I get to be on the receiving end, but it is wonderously reassuring to know there are people in the world like this, who just jump in & help & don't make a big deal out of it.

And for those of you who know me well, the answer is that I ran out of gas because I'd told myself "Get gas on the way to work on Monday." ... which never happened since I skipped work in favor of driving downstate to see my dad in the hospital very late Sunday night, after he'd had a heart attack, coded twice, had 2 seizures and a number of blackouts. The good news is that he has a pacemaker & is doing great. The bad news is that I was a bit preoccupied & so I got no gas when we got home late yesterday.

But then again, forgetting gas gave me a great opportunity to experience the kindness of a stranger (and the reliability of a good friend), so that's a plus. And it reminded me that no matter how self-reliant I am, I cannot risk pushing a car with a tiny baby in it, at least not solo.

*for the record, yes I fully believe I can push my car 1.5 blocks up a slight incline. I'm either delusional or a bad-ass. I tried, but couldn't do it from the side while holding the steering wheel.


Mel said...

Thank G-d for the angels He sends our way. And your dad's way, obviously.

Ohmygosh...what a time you've all had of it.

((((((( HUGE hugs ))))))))

I'm grateful for grace-filled endings. G-d took really good care of you and yours!

theelfqueen said...

Oh my goodness, I hope to hear continued positive updates on your dad!

On the other, I have only run out of gas twice -- each time, in sight of the gas station. The first time was when I was enormously pregnant with DS1 and I was in full garb, returning from a Renn Faire. AND then as my big pregnant self and my friend were attempting to push my car into the station, some jerks pulled around us and into the only available pump. THEN some other guy came along and bawled them out and helped us get the car in.

The other time, again pregnant, with middle child... miserable, walking down a busy street with oldest to get gas when who should show up? My ex. GOODY. (But thank you ex for your help, seriously)

scrapperjen said...

Thank goodness there is still some good in the world! Edward definetely earned his cape!

I hope there are more positive updates coming about your dad. He is in my prayers.

Take care!

scrapbookertink said...

Thinking of you x