Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm not so much into sports

But DH is a Cubs' fan, so he quite enjoyed propping Alexandra up in front of the TV to watch a segment of a Cubs' game.


If Alexandra becomes an athlete, she'll be the first one on my side of the family to do much of anything in that arena. (I don't think my 2 years of track and field in high school counts as me being an athlete, nor do I think 2 years of medieval longsword in my late 30's does, either) I'm happy with her being exposed to as many different things in life as possible. I would be happy to have her pick up a sword at some point, athletic endeavor or no. *grin*


scrapbookertink said...

Thanks for lovely comment on my blog, your pictures are gorgeous on here.

Mel said...


That's the 'ohmygosh....they's stuck Marmite in to pitch....we're sooo screwed' look. LOL Well, that's what himself calls him.
I'm sure it's with love and affection. NOT. LOL

<-- Yankees' fan

<-- laughs when himself claims Cubs for his team

<-- send her sympathy to he-who-must-be-a-glutton-for-punishment

<-- LAUGHING!!!!!!

scrapperjen said...

EXCELLENT! I'm so glad Ken has her on the right track early. :)