Monday, September 5, 2011

10,000+ photos


It's no surprise that Alexandra's familiar with the click of a camera shutter. By our estimate (and some rough math after sending some pictures to family members & realizing the later photos have a lower number than the earlier photos), we've taken more than 10,000 photos since she was born. Sure a few of them were taken when she wasn't present, but still. TEN THOUSAND. I am now a little more clear on (a) why it's taking me so long to get "the best of the best" photos sorted & uploaded for posterity and (b) why my computer is running slower!


scrapperjen said...

Good for you! I promise the number will taper off as she gets older... :)
Enjoy and snap those pictures!

John Peebles said...

Got to love obsessive parents. =). If anyone deserves to be, it would be you.

Mel said...

Oh, if some are good--MORE is better, I say!

Consider it your private stash of 'later to be used blackmail material'.

<-- has her own stash LOL

scrapbookertink said...

LOL I think that might be a record and why not, she is soooo cute, take care Doreen x