Saturday, December 1, 2012

Journal Your Christmas starts today

This makes the 7th year I've participated in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class. Although in recent years I often ignore the recommendations for topics, I still enjoy participating in the class & documenting our Christmas experiences. I am very excited for this holiday season & even though an early Thanksgiving should've given me an early start, here it is, December 1st, and I'm no closer to having my holiday themed supplies out for use than I was a month ago.

Today is a very busy day, with plans from 9 am to about 6 pm, with no opportunity to make any progress on my scrapbooking hoard or my plans for this year's journal. So, with no clue how it'll all come together, but with supreme confidence it will, I am just going to embark upon my day & see how things work out.

At least Alexandra provides no shortage of cute holiday photo ops.


Mel said...

LOL You've managed to "get 'er done" before, I trust you'll "get 'er done" this time too!

And I rather like that you colour outside the lines--that's what makes the whole deal so cool!

Chiara said...

Can't wait to see what you do