Thursday, December 13, 2012

slowly catching up to posting!

I have done a few layouts that I meant to post, but somehow the process of getting pictures of them and then transferring them to the computer etc .... wow! In other news, I am only 2 days behind on Journal Your Christmas & pretty happy with how the album is coming together. I haven't gotten a single picture OF the album, mind you (see? same problem as above), but at least it's getting done, and I'm having fun. And all of this despite the holiday season, having been sick for a week, and now having a sick toddler on my hands -- a minor miracle!

This one has no pictures, but was such a central part of our trip, I had to include the memory:
wishes come true

It's amazing what a little breeze can do to make things comfortable

This Cast Member's reaction was just so funny to witness
biggest fan

A more recent layout, highlighting Alexandra's gentle reaction to seeing butterflies for the first time
wave back

And another one for our WDW May 2011 album ... and it's complete!


Mel said...

k.....the first one got me all kindsa teary. I mean, graced that you and he get to be a mom and dad..... (let's remember this about the time adolescence hits and she wants to DATE.....OMGOSH!!)

And're making progress on the album even if you've not gotten to the process of photographing and posting them. That's what counts.

LOL Yeahyeah..counts 'cept for us nosy ones! ROFL

scrapperjen said...

These are fantastic! Again, your scrapping blows me away.

And Alexandra was so tiny!

Mel said...

Merry Christmas to you, him and the precious one!

(Take LOTS of photos!)