Sunday, February 24, 2013

Journal Your Christmas, December 24th - January 1st

Okay, it's almost March, so maybe I should finally post pictures of the rest of the Journal Your Christmas pages that I actually did complete during the Christmas season. *smile* Little girl (well, and my job & other things) keeps me busy. I am woefully behind on scrapbooking in general, but at least I finally got photos printed so I can be confident of where I left off! Here are the pages from JYC 2012!

jyc 12242012 photo 12242012_zpsea521278.jpg

jyc 12252012 photo 12252012_zpsd89787ed.jpg

jyc 12262012 photo 12262012_zps9df20d07.jpg

jyc 12272012 photo 12272012_zpsdc1a4df1.jpg

jyc 12282012 photo 12282012_zpscd52ada2.jpg

jyc 12292012 photo 12292012_zpsde1efebc.jpg

jyc 12302012 photo 12302012_zpsa26cc78f.jpg

jyc 12312012 photo 12312012_zps333c649d.jpg

jyc 01012013 photo 12322012_zps575e84fd.jpg

jyc 2012 complete photo 12332012_zpsa25f50a6.jpg

Ta da!!!!


Mel said...

Haha..Only a couple months delay. And it would appear, a tad slower than gift unwrapping at your house. LOL...12 HOURS!?! Holy cow does she know how to make the moment last or what! LOLOL

scrapperjen said...

Susanne, these are FANTASTIC! I love them all. Your handwriting is so beautiful.

I hope you are all doing well.