Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow angels

I love snow. Really really love it. Last year, Alexandra wasn't even crawling during the winter, so while we got some cute pictures of her sitting the snow, and patting at it, or watching snow fall, it wasn't the most interactive experience. So, this year I made sure we were ready. Armed with several full sets of snow gear, we were a laughingstock, with no measureable snowfall ... until this weekend.

We made the most of it by trekking to the local arboretum & crawling over branches and fallen trees ....
 photo 105_zpsbdc347f6.jpg

...and we made snow angels in our front yard.
 photo 167_zpse24361f1.jpg

We came inside for hot cocoa, which Alexandra wasn't too sure of, and marshmallows, which she absolutely adored. Supposedly we'll get more snow tonight ... and by Thursday, it may all melt away under rainshowers, so we'd best get in as much snow play as we can!


Mel said...

Oh.....snow angels! Well done MOM!!
AND there was hot chocolate with marshmallows.

You.......ROCK! :-)

scrapperjen said...

I love these pictures - looks like a fun day!
Thanks for sharing what a GREAT mom you are! :)

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

I LOVE the snow angel picture - So beautiful!