Thursday, November 28, 2013

I want pie!

I am writing this with a full tummy and a happy heart. This Thanksgiving could not have possibly gone any better. Considering all the moving parts to this work of art, that's saying something. My sister-in-law and her husband volunteered to make a turkey (it was delicious) and bring it to the house, and so many things could have gone wrong and did not! Alexandra, after several hours at the zoo with Mommy earlier in the day was somehow not tired enough to nap, and so she was a bit itchy before and during dinner, but even so, she did remarkably well (and she cannot get enough cranberry sauce).
Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner
We had fantastic conversation, the food was all superb, and everything seemed to flow smoothly. Some of that was good planning and some of it was just good luck. I also enjoyed the opportunity to just sit down and let it all happen, which is something that I rarely do.
Uncle Seldon lets Alexandra lick the whipped cream off the beaters
Alexandra was eager to have pie after dinner, and she probably said plaintively, "I want pie," about 2 dozen times, despite the fact we kept reiterating that pie would not be served until everyone had finished his or her meal. Once pie was cut up, she was remarkably patient after being told that no one was actually going to start eating pie until everyone had a slice. She liked both peach and pecan pie, and shortly after consuming both, her tiredness caught up with her & Uncle Seldon held her on his lap. I really thought she might fall asleep on him, but she did not.
Great Aunt Jayne shares a book with Alexandra
We also enjoyed a visit from Jayne, who lives in Washington State. Alexandra enjoyed interacting with everyone, and Jayne was a great playmate for her! Alexandra picked out her own dress when we were at the store (for $3.50, you bet!), and she loved being dressed up. She was quite distraught when a shoe fell off at the table as she was getting tired -- a sure sign bedtime is not far off when she is so easily upset!

Once she was in bed, I chatted with my in-laws and after a while I wondered what was going on in the kitchen. Jayne started washing the china and crystal & soon my sister-in-law and her husband pitched in & Ken, too! So, I not only have this delightful experience, but I wind up with an almost completely clean kitchen ... and there are leftovers in the fridge ... and we have fantastic memories of a great time together? I want a repeat of this!!

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Mel said...

*laughing* Only chirped two dozen times, eh?
Aren't the Thanksgivings of the lessor worked kind THE best? Collaborative efforts always are a welcomed thing.
Oh my......she's a doll with her patent leather shoes. ;-)