Friday, December 1, 2006

Oh, so satisfied!

As of 11:00 am this morning, this is what the view is NOW out of our front window. Yes, our kitty cat, Serendipity, is still curious & is at her perch, looking at all the snowflakes drifting down. I looked out the window at 11:00 pm when I got up to take some cough syrup, and there was just enough snow to turn our black asphalt driveway to white, but no significant accumulation in the grass.

We have kind of a cooperative effort with friends/neighbors with a person who plows the driveway. So far, no plowing has occurred ... wait! I hear beeping!


Chiara said...

I am so jealous of your snow

Kenneth Leach said...

I believe you mean turn the asphalt of our driveway "white", not black,right?


Kenneth Leach said... the way that's an outstanding photo of Sera! You're truly talented you know?

kaj said...

Great photo of the kitty looking out the window. Chelsea wouldn't be interested in that old snow.......but KITTY!!!!!