Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm back ... again!

We just got back from GenConIndy2007...and I'm pretty much thoroughly exhausted. We've unpacked our laundry ... and I've sifted through my email, and I think I'm going to go to bed.

We ran a number of sessions of This Game Sucks!, Boy Meets Girl: A Tragedy, and Supervillain University through the Rogue Judges ... and (in my current opinion), even better, we got to play in a 7th Sea game (thanks, Dana!), a Firefly Hero game (thanks, GM), a session of Kobolds Ate My Baby (You rock, Marty!), a vicious game of Cutthroat Caverns (go figure), and also go to try out 2 games in production: Estimated Time to Invasion (pretty sweet) and Trailer Park Wars (not so thrilling).

Jason & I played an impromptu game of "Are You a Werewolf?", drew the 2 werewolf cards & managed to decimate the entire village without anyone even suspecting we were the wolves. Very satisfying on a Sunday at 12:30 am. We are hoping to find the advanced version, with the Hunter, Cupid, the Little Girl, etc., sometime soon. Let us know if you know where to find a copy.

There were many moments that are memorable -- brilliant plans, masterful role-playing, excellent die rolls, outrageous scenarios, warm fuzzies ... I come home incredibly exhausted, but unbelievably happy. Best GenCon in ... well ... it's probably the best one yet!

P.S. We did wind up with some leftover copies of This Game Sucks!, Boy Meets Girl: A Tragedy, and Supervillain University, so let me know if you want me to hook you up. ;)


John Peebles said...

Glad you had a great time!!!! Sean and I plan on attending next year for the Pokemon tournament.


I'm 1st to post.

Chiara said...

glad you are back, you were missed

Adriann said...

Welcome back!

scrapperjen said...

Welcome back!
Glad you had fun!