Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dave DaVinci Saves The Universe

My friend, Chris, and I went to see a magnificent performance this evening, put on by The House Theatre in Chicago. Dave DaVinci Saves The Universe is a wonderful story about a guy (younger...then older...then back again) who develops a time machine, most notably to go back and undo a horrendous life event. But what is to be done when the instructions from his future self are to refrain from doing anything? Or to realize that the process of developing the time machine may have been what set the tragedy in motion? How to move past the darkest & bleakest days of despair? Is it possible to leap far enough ahead in to the future to not feel the pain any more? Awesome writing ... superlative acting ... inventive sound & lighting ... If I had more than two thumbs, I'd give 'em all up! I feel like this was equally evocative and entertaining as The Sparrow, which caught my interest in this little theatre company. If you are within 100 miles of Chicago & enjoy some mind-bending, thought-provoking creative theater -- GO!!!


scrapperjen said...

Sounds interesting!

Mel said...

Oh how I wish I had time and energies to make it that direction for an evening at the theatre... *sigh*

Lisa said...

That's sounds awesome, I doubt it will make it to Memphis!