Monday, October 20, 2008

7 weird random facts about me

MamaSheg, who I met through Lisa, (right before we were heading out for our Washington State trip) has tagged me to come up with 7 weird random facts about me ... and this is what I've come up with!

1. I have a cyst on my scalp (I used to have 4, but had them removed ... and one has come back) which means I have to exercise caution on how I part my hair, because when the cyst shows, it looks like I've got a huge lump on my head!
2. Oh, and related to #1, I don't have a natural part. I do have a cowlick on one side, but I can pretty much part my hair anywhere I like.
3. Which brings me to the fact that I never blow-dry my hair. When I get my hair cut, she blow dries it ... but I never blowdry it myself. I don't like the air blowing in my eyes, and it seems to take forever & get tangled up. Plus, it's better for my fine hair anyway.
4. I hate having my face covered or touched. I don't like hair blowing into my face ... or someone covering my eyes ... but I'll tolerate the necessity of a scarf. But I don't like it.
5. My favorite kind of chocolate is Cadbury Whole Nut. Which I cannot seem to find anywhere in the U.S. Which is probably a good thing. I don't need a lot of it! It sure is tasty, though. Nutella is also a fave ... for the same reason: chocolate + hazelnut = joy. Ferrera Roche just isn't the same, somehow, 'cause it has that crispy thing in it. It's still good. Just not the same.
6. It really bugs me to have things around my home that aren't being used. I don't mind keeping things if they'll be used at some point, but several times a year, I just go through everything to reevaluate it. I pass along all the stuff that I won't be using - to a charity, to friends, in my annual white elephant, on eBay, or in a garage sale.
7. I start Christmas shopping in July. That's when I start keeping an eye out for things that I think friends and family will really get a kick out of. I love giving gifts that are right on target!

Oh, and for amusement value, here's the 7 weird things about me from last year.

I'll tag sethro, kaj, John, Heather, Amanda, Chiara, and Tawnya.


Lisa said...

Isn't she the sweetest person!

Mel said...

Boy......I could stand some of those quirks.
I NEED to do a good clean out around this joint.

MamaSheg said...

Thanks for playing along!! Your online garage sale sure had a lot of fun goodies in it!! XOOXO

Dalovely Damanda said...

Hey...I missed this tag! to do it now! Love your list!