Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Okay, now I'm really upset.

I'm crying my head off right now. My boobs hurt. My left one (the one that got smashed more) really hurts. It's like a dull ache, distracting me all the time. The imaging center called & wants me to come back for another set of scans plus an ultrasound. They won't tell me why, and all I can think is why would they call first thing in the morning unless there was some cause for concern? And why an ultrasound? They've sent the scans to my doctor, but they want to schedule something for me within less than a week, rather than wait for him to look at them. I told them that they were causing an awful lot of panic, and all they said was they couldn't tell me anything other than they needed more scans and an ultrasound. I told them that my breasts hurt so much I could not even consider having another scan in another few days. So, I've put a call into my doc and I scheduled my scans and ultrasound for next Thursday. I can't tell if I'm crying more because it hurt, I hurt, and it'll hurt again ... or if I have a deep fear they've found something. I think the latter is less on my mind than the former, that's for sure. What happened to compassion in medicine, anyway?


Pagan Black said...

ALIEVE!!!!FTW! or LOTS of booze. I would suggest the booze.

A friend of mine had a surgical procedure done, the doctor was not gentle, he said that is what pain killers are for. =D

Hope you feel better soon.

Kat said...

OUCH! That really sounds painful!! Not sure when they start here in the UK with it... :o

Hope it's "just" the fact they need more scans and nothing more, hun! (((HUGS)))

Kel said...

Thinking of you! I vote for the booze too, sometimes it's called for. And a cuddle. And a cry. And a good sleep.

Diane said...

Susanne, I'm so sorry! Try not to worry, though - they are just super cautious these days and call you back for the slightest little thing. I have what they call "dense" boobs and it is always very painful getting squished. I've been called back for an ultrasound 3 times and each time it's nothing. Ultrasounds are painless - so that's a good thing! If you want me to come down and go in with you, I will - just let me know!

Sara said...

They are probably being overly cautious...especially if you are large breasted...sometimes the machine doesn't see through on women who have "dense" or large breasts. So, don't get in a panic...

Now, concerning Miss Smash-the-boobs-no-matter-what: I would not let her touch me again. There is NO need for them to cause you a lot of pain. And, if they do, they should apologize.

I had that happen to me - and I called - and they put a note on my file that the head of the dept would do my mammogram in the future.

katherine. said...

I get double scanned all the time cause my ladies are dense. And it always hurts.

However....ask to see the results yourself. Both from the first set and the second. They may drag their feet...or try to talk you out of it...but they can not. They must show you...or give you the film.

Also request/insist/demand that all reports sent to your doctor(s) be copied to you. Most are going via email now...get yourself copied.

jacquie said...

OWWWEEE! I hope you feel better soon! You sound miserable. Stay calm til you have all the facts. I like the suggestion of some mind altering beverage such as wine or beer, whichever is your preference :) Take care g/f!

Mel said...


What katherine said.
What everyone else said, too.

((((((((((( you )))))))))))