Sunday, April 12, 2009

A very non-traditional Easter celebration

Today, our celebrations consist of
(1) breakfast from McDonald's ... as opposed to a large Easter brunch
(2) wandering around the Arboretum, taking photos ... as opposed to sitting in church
(3) wearing comfy clothes suitable for watching TV, running to the grocery store, and playing with cats ... as opposed to getting all dressed up
(4) going to the movies ... as opposed to going to hunt for Easter Eggs
(5) visiting our friends ... as opposed to visiting the Easter Bunny

Very different ... but also, very good!


Mel said...

Oh.....sounds like a brilliant day celebrating the goodness and hopefulness that surrounds us.

<-- will patiently await photos...

Mel said...

Oops!! And a Happy Easter Holiday to you and yours!!!

scrapperjen said...

That sounds wonderful to me! We did very nontraditional as well.