Thursday, June 24, 2010

I cry shenanigans!

Okay, today's going absolutely insane and quickly. It's a total comedy of errors.

Plan A: Wake up at a decent hour. Throw in a load of laundry. Get to the gym. Have lunch at home. Go to work from 2-5 & bike it, if weather permits. Make pizza dough. Enjoy pizza for dinner.

Plan B. Wake up a slightly-later than decent hour. Check weather ... green light for biking. Find out that work hours have changed from 2-6, necessitating pizza dough creation prior to lunchtime. Throw in a load of laundry. After putting clothes & detergent into washer, discover that husband has, in fact purchased fabric softener, not laundry detergent. This explains much. Get out fish to thaw in empty sink. Start yeast for dough ... discover we have only 1 tsp yeast ... recalculate quantities to make less dough (fine, we only need 1 pizza, not 4) ... follow directions for making dough on "flat surface." Discover that the recipe creators at Men's Health are idiots. Slowly poured water results in rivulets pouring down all sides of carefully constructed, deep well o' flour. Attempts to capture it result in sticky, doughy hands and a whole counter of ICK. Go to wash hands ... discover fish in sink. GAH. Creative use of elbows allows fish to get out of flour zone. Camera retrieval to document said disaster shows that batteries in piece of crap Olympus FE-310 are dead. Again. In less than 24 hours. (Olympus told us this problem would be resolved if we switched to expensive rechargeable NiMH batteries. Bullshit.) It is now 11:09. No way do I have time to get to the store to get either yeast or laundry detergent. The rest of the laundry will have to wait. The pizza recipe is being destroyed, and we're freakin' going to Steak N Shake. I give up.

edit: I've now (at 11:30) just learned that a 1/4 mile stretch of road is under construction, right in my biking route. To reroute would add about 4 miles onto my bike. No way do I have time or energy for THAT. Car it is. *grumble*


Chiara said...

yikes that is insane

kaj said...

Hate to say it, but you just made my day look much better. ;)

Mel said...

Piece of crap batteries...that'd make ME go RAWR, too.

Oh, but Steak and Shake have GREAT burgers! :-)

theelfqueen said...

I actually took pictures of Steak N Shake when DH and I were in Chicago. I grew up with them nearby in Kansas City but we don't have them in Colorado so we are on a hunt whenever we leave town.

Just home from Disneyland Cali and exhausted. Your day has just convinced me to take it easy ;)

And good for you for biking to work!

Anonymous said...