Friday, July 30, 2010

grow little veggies, grow!

So I found out about Sprout Robot, and I thought how I'm getting more into canning & before I knew it, I had followed the recommendations & bought some bush beans & cucumber seeds! I wanted small plants, but the nursery didn't have any. So, I planted them in some random leftover containers with some random leftover dirt, and a few days later, here's what I have:

one bean

two cucumbers (only one pictured)

My honey thinks I'm crazy. Sprout Robot told me that this week I could also plant lettuce & radishes ... but there aren't any seeds left in the local store, so I guess I'm done with my very limited porch garden. My sweetie's relieved!


theelfqueen said...

Good for you! We didn't get to gardening this year, which is probably for the best since we've been pounded with hail like CRAZY. I've been taking good advantage of the Farmer's Market, though.

Diane said...

If you HAVE to garden (and personally, I don't) I suppose containers are the best way to do it. I admire your enthusiasm!

Mel said...

Ohhhhh...... Gosh, I've not done canning forever. I'm not sure I miss it, even though I do miss the homemade tomato juice.
OH gosh, THAT'S something I miss.

What an ambitious soul you are!