Monday, February 21, 2011

Yay! ... pages getting done

I'm slowly but surely completing some pages from our Disney trip in December 2009!


theelfqueen said...

These are so awesome!! I love seeing the GF carousel!

Mel said...


I feel better, ty.

Although I must admit that your 'out of date' doesn't compare to the 2003 crackers I tossed this weekend. ;-)

scrapperjen said...

These are beautiful!

Anne said...

Hi there! These pages are wonderful! I especially like the one where you were so cold you decided to buy sweaters and scarves!

Take good care of yourselves as you go on this journey toward parenthood. I'm glad that you are getting this time to prepare, and learn to make couple time, and learn who is really part of your "support system" - these will be such gifts once a baby does come!

Count your blessings and keep the faith! Thinking of you! :-)