Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I had some fun this weekend ...

And managed to scrapbook some random photos of Alexandra's. This first one was completed with pictures taken by an acquaintance (a professional photographer) who visited us when Alexandra was just over a month old:

And these photos were taken on an impromptu stroll with my Blackberry. Not bad shots ... and it shows our adventures, including smelling flowers, and falling asleep.

And this documents my inviting over some yoga buddies to spend time with Alexandra in September. They threw her a shower in April & I thought they might all like to see her a few months later!

And these pictures I took after we had our professional photoshoot. Seemed appropriate to use the whole "punkin" thing. I've been calling her "pumpkin bear" lately ... now shortened to "punky bear." I'm weird. I know.

And these pictures were e-freebies done by the professional photographer -- small pictures intended to be emailed to loved ones for Halloween (which I certainly did!), but I decided to print them out as 3x4 images & make a Halloween page for her while it's still fresh in my mind!


Mel said...

OHmygosh.....don't make me pick! LOL The monkey's just too cute. And the punkin one...oh my.....

One weekend, huh?
*laughing* I remember pouring over bazillions of photos for a weekend just to pick ONE for a frame.
I suck. LOL

Adorable pages--ya done good, mom!

Mel said...

(okayokayokay...I admit I'm partial to the Halloween one!)

*laughing* Like THERE'S a surprise!


scrapperjen said...

These are fantastic layouts! Isn't it fun to scrap kids? ;) Keep sharing - I'm loving them.