Monday, February 13, 2012

48 weeks old

I've been taking pictures every 8 weeks to document Alexandra's growth, in the same spot - her daddy's arms. She's almost old enough that she doesn't want to be held in that position - in less than a month, she'll be a year old! - but that's okay. If she tolerated it into her elementary school years, Daddy would have a broken back! We'll have to pick a different position for her next year & measure her relative to it. Maybe on Mommy's knee!



Mel said...

Holy cow.....isn't that amazing.......

She'll slug dad if he tries that when she's 8. LOL Definitely think of a different pose for the measuring. But holy cow, what an amazing 48 weeks.

Kat said...

Goodness me! She's grown so big already! WOW!! And nearly a year old? Where's the time gone?!?!

scrapperjen said...

Those are SUCH neat pictures and it's amazing how much she's grown!!!! You should frame the series for Kenn (maybe for Father's Day...)
Thanks for sharing!
(I can't believe she's almost 1!)