Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alexandra's modelling career

Okay, I'm not really serious about the whole modelling career thing. And that Toddlers and Tiaras show -- never seen it, never want to. But I will admit I entered Alexandra into the Gerber baby contest last year ... and was stunned she didn't even make the cut for judging, because let's face it - she's cute.

I may be a bit biased. A bit.

We had her picture taken a couple of weeks ago & the photographer is participating in a charity contest, so I said to go ahead and enter Alexandra's picture. If you're so inclined to support the charity (it's a buck a vote ... hey, it's a fundraiser, what do you expect?), go for it. The charity sponsors free portraits for families who have lost a baby -- kind of a way to commemorate the baby's brief life with compassion and grace, to give the family a way to remember the baby other than in a cold, hospital setting. We thought it was a worthwhile non-profit, and that's pretty much the whole story.

If Alexandra wins 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize, there's some cash ($250-$1,000) and a camera in it for her. We'd safeguard all of it. Okay, and probably use the camera with abandon, truth be told.

So, if you want to vote, go here. Otherwise, just enjoy the picture of our cutie!


Mel said...

Very nice nonprofit to attach to.

Look at those wee fingers clutching those blocks and that cute little hat. :-)

scrapperjen said...

I think she is REALLY cute - sorry she didn't make the cut, it is hard to believe!
Wonderful fundraiser and charity.