Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar eclipse

Last night was a full lunar eclipse in my corner of the world. Here's the best shot I was able to capture, without a tripod. Not too bad, but it doesn't come close to the WOW factor of seeing it in person, watching the moon get eaten up ... and watch the stars appear to become so much brighter. Even though the wind chill had temps close to -10F, it was well worth it to race outside every 5 minutes to see the progress of the eclipse!


Guinevere said...

They are awesome to watch aren't they? Thanks for the kind comments on my pages - and so glad the syampos finally made it to you! Thank you so much foir yours - I have added them to my Xmas Journal.
Jen xx

Mel said...

Oh, it was magnificent!
Cold...LOL..but magnificent.

Faerie Mom said...

It was pretty awesome to watch here too. Mt DD (14) was totally speechless. I know she has seen eclipses before but this one really got her!

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

glad I wasn't the only one running outside avery view minutes to check on the moon! darn cold here too!