Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow ... for now!

We were supposed to get snow starting last night around 6 pm ... the forecast was for, as some acquaintances put it, "The Winter Apocalypse." Here's a photo from this afternoon. Doesn't look all that bad, does it? Again, the forecasting is WAY off. It didn't even start snowing until 8 am ... and it was just fitful almost all day long. I think that the city maintenance departments all decided the forecast was full of crap, because I saw fewer plows out today than I think I've ever seen during a snowfall. I know when I drove home, there was easily 2" of snow on the main roads ... and supposedly we got a total of 1.6" I can make the argument the plows weren't doing much of anything. I saw ONE plow, on my way home tonight ... none at all throughout the rest of the day, from my window at home or my window at work, through which I can usually see (and hear) the plows moving around. *rolling eyes* I describe this stuff as "fitful snow". It's too pebbly to be good snowman, snow fort, or snowball snow. *sigh*

And yes, I am the only adult I know who is wishing for more snow.


Mel said...

*tap tap tap*

You got next to nuffin' cuz we stole it all!

*evil laugh*


14 inches worth!

( I don't beleive I just made that sound like it was a good thing...LOL )

Chiara said...

I hope you get your snow

Tawnya said...

ummm you can come visit me and see all the snow you want girl :)