Friday, February 1, 2008


It's official. Schools are closed. My morning class at the park district was canceled. And my back up class at the gym ... also canceled.
The plows are trying to keep up with the snowfall ... and the blowing snow, since it's windy & the stuff is so light & fluffy, it's getting all over the roadways.
I'd say we have gotten almost a foot of snow in 23 hours. It started on Thursday at 11 am ... and just let up around 10 am this morning.
Of course I went outside to make a snow angel. I mean, honestly, who can resist that?
I LOVE snow!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cool pics! The snowplow looks totally cool with the misty snow whirling around the tires! You should submit that... one of the network news stations shows "weather" photos during the ten o'clock broadcast... I wish I could remember what channel. :S
I bet you could win a contest!
What simple word contest did you win? Can you send me the link to it?
Also... I luv that A La Menthe song... it didn't take me long to recognize it from Ocean's 12! ;)

Chiara said...

I am sure you are loving your snow

Mel said...



Ummmmmm....yup....snowing here...again.....


k....IF it stops, one snow angel to go!

Perry said...

Glad you are loving that snow, you have sure had a lot of it. Glad it is you and not me, lol. We are supposed to get some tomorrow and it was 78 degrees today. Unreal!

Susie Q said...

YOU are surely my kind of lady! I think you are amazing!! We are to get snow this evening and tomorrow..I think I will follow your example!!