Sunday, March 16, 2008

Books/Movies/Music/Games Exchange!

Today, I hosted another variant on the White Elephant party idea -- I brought together family & friends ... and some of their friends & family ... and we all brought books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, magazines, games and puzzles, to exchange with one another. The cool part is that people got rid of stuff they didn't have much use for, anymore, and walked away with stuff they were excited to have. My big score was a DVD of "Wild Hogs," a movie I enjoyed in the theatre, but one I would never cough up $20 to own. Now, it's mine & I can just skip ahead to the end, which makes me laugh most of all. I'm passing along some books to some other friends ... and will offer up a few more tomorrow, and then I'll sift through the remainder to see what should go to a library & to other charities! It benefits everyone! I love it!

edit: Mel asked how we determine who gets what. It's simple ... we keep track of how many items we put out on the tables & then we can have up to that # of things to take home. We get numbers assigned & randomly draw them. The more things you bring, the more you take home ... unless you're trying to rid of things. Usually, people bring way more than they want to take back ... so at the end, there's a free-for-all & people can take home pretty much whatever they want. Even so, I have a lot left to donate!


Mel said...

Ya know, that's a brilliant idea! But how do you decide who's ending up with what? LOL

We have books up the whazzoo (all himselfs, mind you....LOL) and video/DVD's that we watched once and won't watch again.

(oh......that's sooo dangerous for me.....LOL)

Adriann said...

That is on my to do as part of my decluttering. It's nice when you get something out of it too!

It looks like your idea is the most popular and most ingenius. I'll try to hang it this weekend.

Great idea...thanks!