Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

The past week has been insanely busy for me -- professionally, socially, personally, all-ally! I am still running around a lot, trying to get everything geared up for a weekend away with friends, but if everything goes according to plan (how often does that happen, I wonder?), I should be able to get all my ducks in a row before I head out. For me, that's awfully important, because if I've dotted all my i's and crossed all my t's, it is so much easier for me to slip into relaxation mode. And because the very very few times I've not made sure everything's taken care of, it's come back to bite me in the butt! So, wish me luck ... here I go, back to my busy-ness!


scrapperjen said...

I hope you ladies have fun - don't forget to say hi to the rest of us at least once... ;)

Mel said...

Oh boy do I know all about busy-ness.

Maybe it's just the time of year?
FAT chance..LOL

Have loads of fun!
That's required inbetween all that warp speed with your hair on fire 'stuff'.....

Perry said...

Well, get yourself together so you can relax when you go. I don't know if I know where you are going, but I wouldn't remember anyway, so just have a great time and we will see you when you get back!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hope your weekend went great!!!!

Susie Q said...

Have a good week...enjoy all the busy-ness!
I still have not forgotten that I need to do my memories of 1975...: )
It will be done!!