Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Moved to tears

Last night, I was moved to tears. I am so very happy & excited to see the direction our country is headed. I felt that President-Elect Obama gave a moving and hope-filled speech, (you can see the transcript, here) which I pray will continue to energize the American people. As much as I am excited by the choice of our new president, I am even more excited about how many Americans seem poised to do something different ... to become more involved in their communities ... to be more active in the organizations they value. I'd said all along that my number one wish for this election was to have the highest voter turn out ever, mostly because it would mean that more people were involved & accepting responsibility. I don't know what the final voter turn out is* ... and I don't know if it'll be a reasonable predictor of change, but I am excited, all the same!

*edit, supposedly, it was at 64%, the highest since 1908.

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Susie Q said...

I am still in was such a moment!