Thursday, November 27, 2008

Princeps' Fury: Book Five of the Codex Alera Princeps' Fury: Book Five of the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher

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Another excellent book from Jim Butcher! He is a masterful storyteller, propelling several plotlines with equal force, without confusion or weakening. I was equally enthralled by all the efforts made by all the different characters. I was pleased to see some of my old favorites back & some answers to some lingering questions surface. The Alerans and Canim are far from out of danger, and I have my own theories about the Icemen, but that'll have to wait. For now, a 6th book isn't even on the horizon, so I hope Jim Butcher is working on it furiously!

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kaj said...

You really do have some different 'likes' in books, don't you. LOL! Glad you enjoyed it.

scrapperjen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed! I love to hear of others who are enjoying what they're reading!