Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, I'd have to count today's White Elephant Tea a success. *grin* I could not believe the amount of stuff that people brought. Truly mind boggling. The above photo doesn't even show the stuff that's on the floor or the smaller table that housed artwork & some wineglasses...or the many totebags on the door handle...or the baker's rack that was tucked away in the garage. So, you can see we had a LOT of stuff. And, as before, people walked away with things they could use, and I am quite pleased, because the amount of stuff left behind on the tables is slightly less than what I put out to begin with. So, I'll be looking for homes for some mugs, a beautiful Willow Tree angel (I think it's Angel of the Spirit, but it's downstairs so I'm not 100% sure), a microwave, a bread machine, and other odds and ends. I loved hosting it ... and I hope that everyone had fun, too!


scrapperjen said...

Count me in as having fun! :) I haven't tried the coffee yet but I'm filling the crop bag. Thank you again for a FANTASTIC day! I truly enjoyed visiting with and meeting you. I adore your other friends as well!

Dalovely Damanda said...

I think this is so cool that you host these! Glad you had fun! :)

Adriann said...

What a great idea! Can you share with me how you started it and what it entails. I would love to get one started. Thanks for sharing!

alexander said...

Cool! Glad you had fun.

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