Thursday, March 5, 2009

At this moment...

...I am feeling particularly wiped out, after my Zumba class, but as I simply just sit still & reflect, many things come to mind, so I thought I'd just share them with you all.

#1 My husband rocks. He really does. I mean, sure, he annoys me from time to time, but at the core, he is just my soul-mate & wants so many wonderful things for me & for our life together. I know he's scared & overwhelmed about being a parent, but he's willing to embark up on that journey because he has confidence in us. That's powerful, man.

#2 I have some truly amazing friends & acquaintances. You can see many of them in the sidebar on the right-hand side of my blog. I have so many odd niches in my life, and somehow, I manage to find people who will celebrate my quirks with me. Some of them share similar hobbies ... or philosophies ... or an inexplicable sense of twinship with me. You know that trust game where you're supposed to fall & let others catch you? Yeah. My friends have totally got my back.

#3 I don't think I could ask for a better extended family. From my parents & brother to my aunts & uncles, they're all just very cool people. We stay in touch in a variety of ways, which is just amazing, too. I never feel judged by them, nor do they play mind games, send me on guilt trips, try for power plays, or try to make me feel obligated. They're a joy to be with.

#4 Life is good. We're not raking in the dough, but we've got enough to get our needs met & to allow us to enjoy some vacation time this year. We've got money set aside for the next 2 "phases" of adoption & all of our monthly bills are paid through 3/13 ... which means we should be golden, since that's our next regular paycheck date. And thanks to some amazing sales, our pantry is fully stocked. I love it. And I love being able to focus on giving to others, because we're fairly stable.

#5 I really want to go through my crafting stuff & purge things. Again. I do this on a routine basis & I think it's almost time again. I just want to do a few more layouts & a couple of cards (which I hope to get to today or tomorrow), so I can clear off the downstairs table ... then start reorganizing stuff. Maybe I'll make up some surprise care packages for people.

#6 I am currently involved in Project 365 and 29 Days of Giving, both of which alternate between being ridiculous easy & a huge challenge. It's nice. I love that my sweetie's totally getting into both of them with me, too. I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I wasn't involved in some project or another. I don't know if I could function being totally detached from any sense of goals or accomplishments. That just seems alien to me.

#7 My mom is turning 65 this month. I'm turning 40 in May. Is that cool or what? Next year will be my 20th college reunion ... and my mom's 45th ... but I am thinking it'd be cool to go in 2015, if we can do it, 'cause it'll be my 25th & her 50th! We both attended Middlebury College, so we'd go to the same summer event!

#8 I'm a big time planner. If you're just now learning that about me, it probably means that you've known me for less than a week. Right now I've got 2 vacation plans in the works, a zillion plans for our adoption process, plans for today, plans for tomorrow, plans for the weekend, plans for a bridal shower & an upcoming wedding, plans everywhere. I'll stop planning when I'm dead.

#9 I may never forgive my friend John for getting me hooked on Facebook. I'm now checking in multiple times a day & playing Mob Wars, Hammerfall, Parking Wars, Kidnapped, Hatchlings, and Pirates. I am in the market for a new cell phone. I can't decide if I should get one with sleek internet gadgets or if I should avoid this like the plague. If I'm not careful, I'll start Twittering.


crazierinreallife said...

i CAN NOT get a cell phone with internet. DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!

kimz said...

twittering... bahahhaa
You are very blessed... and we are blessed to know you. ;)

Mel said...

I should be such an avid planner.

I am not. LOL And don't worry, no threat there--I'm a 'by the seat of your pants' kinda gal!


Yup--graced muchly.....

jacquie said...

These are great Susanne...a very full and rewarding life! I strive to be a planner like you :)

kaj said...

I, too, am a planner. Bill, not so much. He can plan for things for work and Boy Scouts, but when it comes to the family, he is very lax.....drives me nuts!

As far as the phone goes, I really do like my iphone. I can see where it could be dangerous, though.

Sara said...

You truly have a blessed life!!!

And, you are talking to another quirky planner!!! What can i say!

trisha too said...

what wonderful list of blessings!


Mariangeles M said...

Glad to hear so many positive things :o)