Monday, March 30, 2009

Life, as it stands now.

Last week turned out to be fairly busy, because my parents were visiting for 4 days of the 7, broken up into two visits, actually. It was very neat, because they live 180 miles away, so I usually only see them for a couple of days every month or so. This month, between their visits here & our visit there, we saw them for a total of six days. It was awesome!

On the adoption front, we have no movement. We are just waiting. We expect to be waiting for a while. The agency has told us to just "live life normally." Well, I am a huge planner, so I really can not live life normally, because I often plan vacations out about 10 months in advance. We had hoped to take a vacation in July, but I kept putting it off, knowing we'd eat the cost of the (rather expensive) airfares if we successfully adopted before then. Well, we had a chat last night & decided just to go ahead and get the tickets before the price goes up. It's really hard to feel like our life is on hold.

In today's mail came a bunch of photos for (a) a scrapbook layout I want to do of our trip to Washington last fall and (b) Project 365. So, I'll spent a chunk of time this afternoon putting stickers on photos & inserting the into the album. It really is a very fun & cool idea. I am quite enjoying the process, and my sweetie's getting into it, too, helping me to get photos.

We are slacking on our 101 in 1001 projects, though. There are some that are major -- go to Yellowstone, go to Hadrian's wall -- some that are seasonal -- participate in the Letters to Santa project, buy winter coats -- and some that are long-term -- pay off a credit card, visit 30 local restaurants. The rest we seem to have tackled pretty well, so we don't feel too bad about taking a bit of a break. It is weird, though, not having an "active" project.

My honey should be home for lunch any minute ... just thought I'd send out a quick update into blogland, so ya'll didn't think I fell off the earth. Oh, and if you're so inclined, go play in Jori's Musical Monday.

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Mel said...

I can only imagine....but I do think you're wise in the wait to keep plans and go about your business. Hard as that might be...

*sending positive thoughts*