Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our California Trip: Kings Canyon National Park & In and Out Burger @ Fresno

We were unable to see the Mariposa Grove at Yosemite, because the road was still closed due to snow, so we spoke with a ranger & had a hurried pow-wow, and we decided to trek to King's Canyon National Park, which is several hours away. Hey, we had the whole day before us & only needed to make it back to Fresno in time for dinner!

We went to see the grove of trees that includes the General Grant Tree. Let me just show you how huge these babies are.


Yes, that is our CAR at the base of the Brothers. And I'm opening the trunk of the car. Yes, that's me. I like these trees ... they make my butt look small! *grin* And here is my Aunt Mary Ann ... no, she's there, look in the lower left corner of the photo. Even a wide angle lens can't capture how big these trees are. Largest living organisms in the world. Dang.


We had a car-picnic, as the picnic tables were covered in snow ... and then we made it back in time to have dinner at my sweetie's favorite fast food restaurant.


A successful vacation, all around!! Oh, and a note to Mel ... we DO have a lovely camera -- the Sony Alpha 200 is ours ... the Olympus Camedia was the one we borrowed. I liked the latter ... but not as much as the former!


theelfqueen said...

The General Grant tree is "America's Christmas Tree" did you know that??? THOSE PICS ARE AMAZING! Just awe inspiring!

Mel said...

BIG tree--ventured to see it a while back and it's just impressive. They're all impressive.
And the camera--KEEP IT.

Or maybe it's the person behind the camera, huh?! :-)

Gorgeous shots of awesome places.

And now....I want french fries...LOL

Heather said...

You are so funny! Your comment about the trees making your butt look smaller made me choke on my soda! LOL! Gorgeous pics!

Kat said...

Fabulous photos!! AMAZING! I've been following your California Trip Blog entries ... loved it, hun! IF I can get DH to travel to California eventually, I'm coming back to your blog for inpsiration!! :D

Susan Stringfellow said...

HEY!!! I want my photo taken next to those trees! Just amazing.